ST Synergy

Enterprise Management Software

BSP Corporate can supply and install the ST Synergy enterprise management software application which is an enterprise management solution or a “digital nervous system” running through the centre of the entire organisation allowing all users to view, update and retrieve information.

Enterprise Management – What does it mean? It means

  • Contact Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Document Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Business Intelligence

Download our product sheets below to learn more about the features of core ST Synergy modules.

Document Management | Workflow Management | Customer Relationship Management | Business Intelligence

ST Synergy is designed around a single database where all corporate information resides – the Knowledge Engine.  No longer is it necessary for organisations to muddle their way through the ‘mine field’ of separate databases and ‘add-on’ applications in order to see the complete picture.

ST Synergy allows you to manage one of your organisations most important assets ‘intellectual capital’ by enforcing business logic and procedures that incorporate your own ‘business rules’.  Such rules allow you to manage and leverage this information across the enterprise.

Microsoft compatibility ensures our comprehensive functionality is easy to install and use.  ST Synergy is intuitive, logical and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office.  The user-friendliness means training requirements are minimal and acceptance by users is fast.

To ensure that your business delivers on its promise to all stakeholders such as clients, employees, the community, its service providers, suppliers and subcontractors and its shareholders – a company should have in place a Business Management System (“BMS”).

A BMS is about ensuring ensure that everyone is not just doing their own thing, and that the organization goes about its business in an orderly and structured way.

A BMS systemises the processes to ensure everyone is clear on what needs to be done, how it is to be done and who is responsible for doing it. Further, a BMS should provide a framework for the continual review and improvement of a business’ processes with continuous improvement of the business being a key objective.

The BMS should be accessible to all employees via the business’ computer network or via the Internet and should be available for inspection and review by clients wishing to conduct due diligence. ST Synergy provides you with the software infrastructure to establish your BMS.

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